Built-in FurniturePhilosophy

It’s a 20th-century concept that kitchens, vanities and bathrooms should be aesthetically pleasing. Function has suddenly found itself on equal footing with high fashion, occasionally losing sight of the fact that kitchens first and foremost have to work properly. At Dom, we bolster function with true art. Creating our own statement, we borrow the flutes, arcs, and moldings of past Millenia to infuse aesthetics that won’t become passé, while maintaining traditional or contemporary elegance. It’s part of our philosophy – to synthesize the desires of our clients into a beautiful, workable space. We apply these design skills beyond the kitchen, crafting wall units and built-in cabinetry for your library, home office, entertainment center, and more.


Our groundbreaking computer generated three-dimensional renderings enable our clients to view their future renovation in endless combinations of materials, wood species, and counter surfaces, all with the accuracy of photo-realism.


Our installers are second and third generation carpenters and artisans with the ability to install your custom and/or stock cabinetry with precision.  In combining skilled design and exceptional cabinetry with professional installation we create an unmatched end product.

All of our workers are both licensed and insured.