Kitchens by design


Your kitchen is a place where you spent a lot of cherished time with your family every day? You want your kitchen to be warm, cozy and convenient.

Kitchen-space design has to offer great cooking and dinning experience taking you away from this hectic world and helping you to relax with your loved ones. Efficiently coordinated appliances, customized cabinetry and conveniently planned walking, cooking and dining space together will well-integrated functionality will help you keep pace with a all-kind of family kitchen-gathering.

Having kitchen of your dream is not a matter of money… if you ask DOM. All you have to have is your vision. You were thinking about your ideal kitchen and have your own ideas for designing the kitchen space. Question is – how to combine creativity and efficiency. Our designers will work with you on choosing materials, colors, textures and functionality of your new kitchen creating the best fit for your space and your budget. We’ll help you to inherit a strong sense of your vision being accomplished; which means that our mission is being accomplished, too.


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